Now they come for Jill Stein

Somehow, everybody is a Russian agent or useful idiot. Even members of a political party in the US, who have the temerity to put forward their own candidate for president, which they do for every election.

Every now and then we can witness yet another breaking story in the media, trying to convince us, new evidence has been found for Russian medling in presidential elections. It doesn’t last long, and it is all debunked, but then it is time for another story. We go in circles and yet, some people never learn, so enchanted they are with these conspiracy theories. So now it is time for Jill Stein, as Senate Inteligence Chairman Richard Burr made it known, his commitee is examining her presidential campaign, searching for evidence for collusion with the Russians. Jill was a candidate for the Green party.

Yes, Jill Stein was in Moscow and sat at the same table as Vladimir Putin and Michael Flynn. Which doesn’t prove anything. And also, it isn’t something new, something, she would be hiding or she wouldn’t have satisfactory explained. Unless, of course, it is now a problem, if you visit Russia, speak to Russian nationals or even know a word or two Russian. Remember, that there was a small whirlwind on social media, when the republican nominee in the 2017 United States Senate special election in Alabama, Roy Moore, uttered some words in Russian.

Yes, Jill got some votes, a bit over one %, which if they would go to Hillary, could help her. If her voters would vote for Hillary, that is. They might have just stayed at home. It could be, that Jill jast spoke to them, like Hillary could not. And then, why doesn’t no one ask if Gary Johnson stole votes from Donald Trump?Because it wwould be stupid, that’s why.

No, it isn’t possible, Russians could somehow prepare Donald Trump, and Jill Stein, and who knows whom, years in advance, in some intricate plot, to prevent Hillary from winning. That would require some supernatural powers. It is all a conspiracy theory, so unbeliavable, that it is almost pathetic, and yet, many believe it, bombarded as they are by daily media attacks on Trump.

I am surprised, this Russia hysteria is going on so long. Maybe I shouldn’t be. It is useful, to have a foreign enemy, a monster in the closet, so you can frighten little children, I mean democrats. Those bad Russians are everywhere and so are traitors, who want to destroy American democracy. In this way, people ask less about how Bernie Sanders was not allowed to win or why Hillary was such a bad candidate, that some bad mouthed entertainer could get the best of her. It is also something else. Russia is the enemy, a competitor on the world stage and US had their aim at them long before Trump came on the stage. They are the perfect enemy.

Jill Stein is just another victim of this paranoia, which of course has another twist as well. United States is a two party dictatorship, where other parties have very little power. Those, and we are speaking about the democratic party and their supporters here, who are going after Jill, because in their minds she prevented Hillary from winning, are at the same time going after every progressive force in politics, that doesn’t submit itself to their political machine. We must be aware, what the nature of that machine is. It is a neoliberal, machiavellian, elitist and warmongering elite, that doesn’t want to cede power to any independent voice. They hate Trump, not only because he is a village idiot and a republican, but because he really isn’t one of them and for the same reason they hate Jill. They hate Bernie as well. Hillary, she was just right.

Where will this end? For now, there are no real consequences, just a perpetual media storm, that keeps a part of the American electorate enchanted, believing in the most unbelievable of conspiracy theories. But long term, if the democrats win and continue with such dangerous behaviour, it could mean dark times for United States, as disident voices are persecuted, accused of being in cahoots with foreign powers. That could have a negative effect not only on third parties, but also on alternative media. It could also lead to a police state, where the might of American inteligence services, police and millitary is used to surpress anyone not 100% on board with the two party system and interests of the foreign policy elites.

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